Overnight Radio Today have announced a report detailing the top 10 most powerful women in radio for the year, in order to celebrate and champion the women basically kicking butt in the radio industry.

The publication said that they spent “considerable time talking to industry experts and factored in the thoughts of leading radio programmers” to decide on the top 10 list, with the results naming women who are not only “successful”, have ratings success but also have “a strong message”.

And who came out as number one? *Drum roll please*

Our very own Jackie O!

Radio Today said that being one of the most “high-profile and successful media personalities in Australia” landed Jackie the title of Most Powerful Woman in radio.


They also credited how her influence on radio took her profile to new heights, landing her as a panel member on Channel 10’s hit show The Masked Singer in 2019.

Brooklyn brought up the list during his news bulletin on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, congratulating Jackie on her top position.

Jackie herself was very humbled by the honour. Kyle on the other hand, wasn’t afraid to boast on Jackie’s behalf.

“Aw that’s nice,” Jackie said as Brooklyn congratulated her. “It’s very flattering.”


“You are the most influential woman on Australian radio without a doubt,” Kyle added. “Who could even come close to you?”

“You’re greater than you think you are,” Kyle added.

“I don’t know about that,” Jackie laughed.

“You are!” Brooklyn chimed in.

“Congratulations once again for being the greatest of all time,” Kyle finished.


That’s our Jackie O, forever modest! And Kyle, always happy to say it how it is. Congratulations on the nod Jackie!

Check out the list for yourself here.

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