Kyle often wonders what Jackie gets up to while she’s at home on her own, but we think he won’t be asking anymore questions after hearing this whacky story this morning!

Jackie had been telling us all about a dream she’d had last night, a dream about being an incredible dancer in an 80s movie, when Kyle decided to bring up a story that she had been telling him off air.

Clearly he thought this was too insane not to share with us all.

“Would you like to tell everyone else that you slept with someone last night?” Kyle asked. “You woke up and who was there.”

Before you get any ideas, nope that’s not actually what happened. Jackie didn’t find an actual person in her bed. No, this story had to do with a creature much smaller and with wings. A moth.

Jackie immediately burst into a ft of giggles, as she realised she had to explain what had really happened. And strap yourselves in for a wild ride people, it’s about to get insane from here on out.

“In the middle of the night I went to the bathroom, came back and saw that there was a moth on the second pillow. The one that nobody sleeps on,” Jackie explained.


“And it was like, you know, a decent sized moth. And I thought, ‘I’ll just leave him there. He’s having a nice sleep’. And So I laid down and I had the worst night’s sleep and every time I’d get up, every half hour, the moth would still be there sleeping.”

Jackie went on to tell us that she found the moth oddly comforting. Clearly she hasn’t spent enough time in our offices here where there’s practically a moth infestation. Those buggers are nothing but annoying.

Anyway, Jackie actually thought that it was nice to share her bed with someone. Even if that someone was an insect.

“Oddly it was really nice to have some company in bed,” Jackie said with a laugh.

“And was the moth still there when you got up?” Kyle asked.

Nope this wasn’t a player moth who sneaks out in the middle of the night. He stuck around until the morning!


“Yeah and it was nice because I thought, this moth is having such a nice sleep,” Jackie continued. “And then I woke up quite late because of the bad sleep… and the moth was still sleeping and I thought, ‘Oh that moth isn’t even alive! That’s a dead moth’.

“So I shook the pillow to get it off and then it flew away, so it was alive. But I made it go outside and I kind of wanted it to stay with me.”

No we aren’t bulls*tting you. We didn’t make this up. Jackie’s first big date was with a moth.

And we don’t think Kyle’s ever going to let her live this down. In fact, he’s probably going to refer to her as the Crazy Moth Lady for eternity.

Hear Jackie’s full recount of her moment with the moth in the video above!

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