When it comes to the more risqué topics that pop up on our show, Kyle and Jackie O usually have their own, very different roles.

Kyle is typically the one egging on and encouraging the inappropriate stuff while Jackie usually tries to skip past it as quick as possible, especially if it’s something about herself.

But today there was a complete role reversal. Jackie made an admission about her sex habits that was so darn shocking that even Kyle was left a tad SPEECHLESS!

Kyle and Jackie were chatting to a caller who was about to play the pop quiz and he told them that he was going to propose to his girlfriend if he won. He also confessed that his current girlfriend was actually the first person he’d slept with (because Kyle is always curious about people’s numbers).

With the sexual conversation already in the air, this led to the topic of fantasies and what people might picture when they’re, ya know, getting busy…


And well, Jackie admitted something rather personal about the sort of places that her imagination goes during this time. Apparently, Jackie like’s to imagine herself as the GUY in the situation…parts and all.

“I don’t know is this normal or am I alone?” asked a slightly embarrassed Jackie.

But what was even more shocking than that admission was the way in which KYLE fits into this fantasy equation…Watch the video above to find just what Jackie said.

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