It’s no secret that Kyle is big on keeping people accountable here around the Kyle and Jackie O offices.

He proved as much when he decided to put in the time and effort to create a book for Jackie titled ‘Things That Are Bad About Jackie’ – Ya know, just to try and make sure she’s always on top of her game.

And he’s certainly not afraid to bring it up every now and then with Jackie, which is exactly what he did early on this morning as he read it out live on air.

But this time around, Jackie wasn’t taking it lying down. Instead, she plotted her revenge and later on in the show she revealed a book that she had made along with the help of our bitchiest listeners.

“So we never had one for you until now,” Jackie explained to Kyle. “So we asked our listeners, ‘What is bad about Kyle?’, that we could put in the Bad About Kyle book.”

“Did you get anything?” Kyle asked.

“Heaps,” Jackie replied.


And so to return the favour, Jackie read out all of the responses to Kyle live on air! It’s safe to say that he didn’t take it all to well…

Jackie on the other hand seemed to take pleasure in it! It seems the pair just LOVE to bag each other out.

Listen to Jackie’s reading of the Bad About Kyle Book in the video above!