If there’s one thing we know about Jackie, it’s that she cries very easily.

We even dedicated a whole segment to it once to see what famous clips would bring tears to her eyes.

So we really weren’t surprised when Jackie began blubbering during a surprise message for her birthday this morning.

In a beautiful moment this morning, Kyle played a message that he had organised for Jackie from her 9-year-old daughter Kitty.

As soon as Kyle announced that Kitty would be the one speaking in the message, Jackie’s waterworks already started.


“I asked your daughter Kitty to say something about you,” Kyle revealed this morning.

“Oh don’t! Aw I’m crying already,” Jackie said grabbing out her tissues and trying to hold back her tears.

“Sorry to go behind your back but I asked her to say something nice about mum or some little story. Something cute we can play on the radio,” Kyle continued to explain. “Are you crying already?”

“I am, just at the thought of it,” Jackie replied. “Just because I love her so much.”

This was her reaction before hearing the audio, so just wait until you hear how emotional Jackie was afterwards. Such a heartwarming moment!

You can hear Kitty’s beautiful birthday message for her mum in the audio below!


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