Kyle is notorious for keeping the studio at a freezing temperature. It’s the first thing our guests always notice when they enter the room!

So when Kyle was broadcasting the show from a different city, Jackie took the opportunity to adjust the aircon to her liking – that is, very toasty.

From the moment Kyle spotted Jackie with her hands behind her head & her feet up on the desk, it was clear she was feeling pretty comfy.

Then the yawns began.

“Jackie is there anything else you’d rather be?!” Kyle asked.


“Sorry, I don’t know why i’m yawning so much!” she replied.

That’s when it dawned on Kyle why she might be feeling so relaxed…

“What’s the temperature there in that room?” He asked.

“Adam’s turned the heating on ‘cos you’re not here,” Jackie fessed up.

“Adam, DO NOT turn the effin’ heater on in that studio because it damages the equipment. Put the air conditioner on you little bitch!” Kyle demanded.

“That’s why you’re yawning, Jackie, because you feel like you’re on holidays!”


No doubt it’ll be back to a stone cold studio when Kyle comes back.

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