You’d be forgiven for saying that the Kyle & Jackie O team are a bit of a boozy bunch, so when we catch up outside of work, we don’t hold back.

When Kyle dared Jackie to twerk in the studio, it reminded her of the last time the team caught up and her daughter sprung her mid-twerk. 

A few people from the team were at a house party at Jackie’s house – which, as she pointed out, almost never happens.

Jackie assumed her daughter, Kitty, was asleep upstairs, so she was safe to let loose… Or so she thought. 

Unfortunately, Kitty wandered downstairs just as Jackie and a few other staff members were shaking their asses.

“It’s a moment i’d rather forget!” Jackie said. 

As much as she’d love to forget it, Kitty loves to bring it up! 


“She takes the piss out of me constantly. She goes ‘Mum, this is how you dance’ and she starts twerking… She thinks it’s so wrong,” Jackie said. 

Hear more about what happened in the video above. 

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