If there’s one thing you don’t want for a red carpet with some of the world’s biggest stars in attendance, it’s rain.

Especially if you’re working the red carpet trying to get a big interview with the celebs because typically they won’t stick around on the carpet for all too long when it’s wet.

And can you blame them really? So much time and effort would have gone into that hair, makeup and outfit.

With the Oscars going down in LA today in the pouring rain and possible hail, it reminded Kyle and Jackie O about the time that they went to the Golden Globes red carpet in the pouring rain.

None of the stars were stopping for a chit chat and so when Jackie spotted Courtney Cox from FRIENDS coming down the carpet, she quickly came up with a plan to try and get a scoop.

“You and I have been to the Golden Globes before,” Jackie said on air this morning with a laugh.

“Is this when we were wrestled to the ground and thrown out?” Kyle asked.


“Different one,” Jackie replied. But um, can we go back to that one later please, we sense there’s a story there!

Anyway, the Golden Globes Jackie was referring to was when she tried to befriend Courtney Cox by saving her from the rain.

“This one was when it was raining as well and it is horrible, let me tell you, it just ruins the whole red carpet,” Jackie continued.

“They’re not prepared for the rain whatsoever so they all have to hair their umbrellas and I remember we weren’t getting anything because the stars were arriving and no one wanted to stop and chat because they didn’t want to get their hair wet.”

And so as soon as Jackie spotted Courtney Cox, she came up with a plan to try and make her stop and talk to them. After all, Jackie is a MASSIVE FRIENDS fan and would’ve killed to interview her.

“Along comes Courtney Cox and she’s a FRIENDS star so I’m thinking, ‘If I can get her, then that’s great’. So I convinced Kyle to forego our umbrella, because she didn’t have one,” Jackie revealed on air. “And I said, ‘Here, you can take our umbrella’.”


Because you know, Jackie will be there for you when the rain starts to pour… Sorry, we had to!

Anyway, while Courtney was appreciative of the gesture, unfortunately the plan backfired!

“She was so appreciative but then she walked off and we never got an interview,” Jackie laughed.

“So then we just got saturated,” Kyle added. “Not only were we saturated, left with no umbrella, but we stood there for hours and hours with electrical equipment… All that stuff was ruined as well.”

Hilarious! Hear more in the podcast below!