In the past, quite a few of our ‘Am I The Bet Sex segments have been quite cringeworthy. After all, we don’t reckon it could ever not be awkward to have to ask your ex partner live on air if you’re the best sex that they’ve ever had! 

But today was a different story. Louise was coming on to ask her ex boyfriend Dave whether she was the best sex he’s ever had. 

But first, Jackie asked Louise to divulge whether Dave was her best sex and this is where she revealed that Dave is actually highly skilled in that department. And this seemed to really intrigue Jackie. 

“He’s very confident,” began Louise. “And he’s actually done a lot of learning around sex…Like courses and lectures and stuff.” 

After a bit more of a chat we got down to business and called up Dave to let Louise ask him that crucial question. But Jackie was far too distracted to care about what they were saying. She was more interested in the sound of Dave’s voice. 


“You sound like Christian Grey or something, doesn’t he?” said Jackie, almost in admiration. “He’s got that voice.”

To which Kyle replied what we were all thinking. “Hey if it doesn’t work out with Louise maybe you can give Jackie a run.”

Jackie was lost for words at this point but her face says it all. Watch the video above to watch the whole segment go down. 

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