We hate getting phone calls at the best of times let alone when the calls are from random numbers.

So you can imagine just how FURIOUS Kyle was when his phone started blowing up one morning when Jackie decided to give out his actual mobile number live on the air!

We heard the moment take place this morning during our Throwback Thursday segment that sees us re-live some of Kyle and Jackie O’s best bits over their time on the airwaves.

At the time, Jackie had decided to get back at Kyle for a prank that he had played on her involving a fake positive pregnancy test.

And so she came up with the perfect plan!

During her O News segment she told a story about how someone had given out Paris Hilton’s actual phone number.

When Kyle asked her to read out the number she instead read out the digits to Kyle’s phone at the time!


And the moment that it clicked what Jackie had actually done, Kyle was absolutely FURIOUS!

Now before you get excited people, the number has of course been cancelled seeing as this happened a number of years ago now. So don’t go thinking that you’ll be able to have a nice chat with Kyle Sandilands over the blower today.

But at the time, the calls certainly started coming through almost instantly.

Check it out in the video above!

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