Jackie O is standing by her co-panelist on The Masked Singer, defending him on air this morning about apparent claims he made about Lindsay Lohan.

Hughesy had been speaking about the rehearsals for Channel 10’s latest talent show when it appeared that he was calling Lindsay a bit of a diva, saying that she took extra long ciggie breaks and had people helping her take notes.

This sparked rumours that there was already a feud brewing on set of The Masked Singer before the show had even begun.

But this morning, Jackie clarified that all of this had been taken out of context and confirmed that Hughesy and Lindsay actually do get along.

“He’s been taken out of context and the thing is that he loves Lindsay,” Jackie told us this morning during a chat with the show’s host, Osher Gunsberg. “He would never want to say anything bad about her.


“So they’re false stories?” Kyle asked.


Jackie clarified that people weren’t understanding Hughesy’s particular type of humour that can be very dry and sarcastic.

“You know when Hughesy says something very tongue-in-cheek and then you read it in print it looks different… He’s got a certain style of comedy and he certainly doesn’t mean anything bad by it… He hasn’t got a bad bone in his body.”

“And the thing is you couldn’t actually say that Lindsay is unprofessional because she is the exact opposite,” Jackie continued. “I’ve been super impressed with her.”

Osher backed Jackie up on this one, telling us how shocked he was to see Lindsay taking her job so seriously and working hard to get it perfect.

“She’s a total pro,” Osher explained. “We did a workshop with her the other day… She was so professional. She took pages and pages of notes, she had heaps of questions, she was all over it.”

So looks like there’s nothing but harmony going on over on the Masked Singer set!


Check out more in the video above!

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