Last night the first season of The Masked Singer Australia came to an end with Aussie singer Cody Simpson, AKA Robot, crowned as the winner!

It truly was an epic end to a simply superb show that seemed to have the whole of Australia hooked!

Following stellar ratings all season and tons of chatter about the show, it’s no surprise really to hear that The Masked Singer Australia will be getting a second season.

Our very own Jackie O, who served as one of the panelists on the show, confirmed the news this morning saying that all of the panelists will be returning.

“Are you redoing next year’s?” Kyle asked.


“Yeah we’re doing next year,” Jackie replied.

“Oh it’s already done and signed?” Kyle continued.

“Done!… We’ve got tentative dates and everything.”

Jackie also said that she would be teaming up with Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue and Hughesy once again for season two.

“All of us, everyone, we’re all back,” Jackie added. “It’s fun! I’m excited for next year.”


As for what we can expect to see in season two and what will be different to the first season, Jackie said that she thinks the clues will be much harder next year.

While we were certainly stumped by some of the clues, Jackie admitted that a lot of the masked celebs were guessed quite early on and so they would likely make this more difficult for season two.

“We want to make the clues more cryptic because we feel that maybe got too many of them,” Jackie told us. “I think next year we’ll make it a little bit harder in terms of clues.”

“I think different stars as well,” she added. “Different kinds of stars. You want stars that I think you would never expect to be on a show like that.”

Kyle added that the best idea would be for The Masked Singer producers to just follow some of Lindsay Lohan’s wild guesses and get some of those mega celebs to sign on.


“Like everything Lindsay said,” Kyle chimed in. “Like when she goes, ‘You’re Hugh Jackman’ I’d think, ‘Don’t be ridiculous’. But I do want Hugh Jackman.”

How good what that be.. He could’ve SO easily been the wolf! (Wolverine reference… duh!)

We can’t WAIT for season two already!

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