We’ve never seen Jackie as awkward and uncomfortable as she was on air this morning!

To most it would seem like your average interview with a celebrity – but due to Jackie’s history with this particular guest, Jackie knew that things could go terribly wrong very quickly. In fact, earlier today she was testing out disguises that she could put on ahead of the interview.

The guest was actress Jane Seymour (you know the crazy mother from Wedding Crashers?) and as she joined Kyle live in the LA studio (on Skype back here to Australia) it was the first time that she came face-to-face with Jackie since Jackie broke into her house…

Yep, Jackie the criminal! Well, not really. There’s of course a story behind this mess.

It was a good 16 years ago and Jackie, Kyle and their newsreader at the time, Geoff Field, were over in America when they came up with a plan to get a massive celebrity interview.

They grabbed themselves one of those star maps that allows you to take a tour of various celeb addresses and decided to go and knock on the door and pretend that they had an interview booked in with them.

The goal was for the celeb to just assume they had forgotten about the interview and to buzz Jackie and Geoff into their house along with their recording equipment.


You’d think that no one would fall for it really, but one star did. Jane Seymour.

She invited Jackie and Geoff into her Malibu mansion with open arms, giving them refreshments and fully prepared to go ahead with the interview.

But eventually Jane cottoned on to the fact that this was a set up and her whole mood immediately changed – understandably so, seeing as Jackie and Geoff had lied their way into her home.

Long story short, Jackie and Geoff ended up legging it out of there before Jane called the cops, and they never saw or spoke with her again. Until today.

As soon as Jackie locked eyes with Jane, she became visibly nervous. In fact, she barely said a word the entire interview, allowing Kyle to do the heavy lifting.

It wasn’t until they were wrapping up that Jackie knew she had to bring up the elephant in the room.


“Look Jane, I have a confession I have to make to you,” Jackie began, the nerves clear in her voice. “I feel really terrible and I’m so nervous about this.”

What happened next? Listen to the podcast below to hear the whole thing go down on air!