Drake’s new song isn’t only catch as hell but it’s also sparking a dance challenge revolution amongst Instagram users across the world.

It’s known as the ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ and it sees people hopping out of their cars whenever they hear Drake’s song of the same name come over the speakers and complete a dance alongside the moving vehicle.

The videos have been popping up left, right and centre online with people trying to one up each other with their own versions. And so it was only a matter of time before we here at the Kyle and Jackie O show got in on the action.

Jackie and Love Island’s Grant Crapp, who’s been doing a regular segment on our show this week, decided to give it a go and we reckon they absolutely SMASHED it (although we might be a bit biased). What do you guys think?

Kyle was also incredibly surprised by Jackie’s hip dance moves as he watched the video during the show opener this morning.


“Oh you’re doing good!” exclaimed Kyle. “You look like a teenager!”

He then asked the one question we were all wondering…How long did it take to film? But surprisingly Jackie said that it only took about two takes to create the perfection that was the final result.


However, the first take wasn’t exactly smooth sailing! Jackie explained that she was doing well until it came to the slut drop moment. Find out what happened here in the blooper video below!

Who else from the team would you like to see completing the challenge?

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