Australian rapper Iggy Azaelia was challenged with a rather unusual game during an interview over in the US known as ‘Big Dick Energy’ and this morning it inspired Jackie and Brooklyn to give the game a go themselves. Aussie style.

Jackie had been talking about the game during her O News segment when her and newsreader Brooklyn decided to give it a crack.

The game sees a male celebrity name thrown up in the air and those playing have to discuss whether they think this person has a lot or very little going on down their based on their ‘big dick energy’ alone.

In case you’re completely unaware what ‘Big Dick Energy’ (BDE) is, it’s basically when a guy exudes confidence and power but without being rude or cocky. So basically it doesn’t actually matter if they are or aren’t well endowed physically…just whether they act like they are or not.

Kyle threw a few names out there for Jackie and Brooklyn to discuss and let’s just say they were very definitive in their answers! But Brooklyn’s opinions did differ with Jackie’s just slightly at some points and this is when it got weird (*cough* Alan Jones *cough*)


Malcolm Turnbull? Karl Stefanovic? Beau Ryan? Even Peter Overton? No stone was left unturned in terms of who we discussed! Watch the video above to find out just what Jackie and Brooklyn think about the BDE in the Aussie celeb world!

Do you have an Aussie celeb in mind who you think has BDE? Our choice would be Chris Hemsworth FOR SURE! Hello, his character Thor is a legit Norse God. You can’t really get more powerful than that!

Plus he’s god that seriously confident smoulder going on… In fact we reckon he’s worthy of coining a new term: HDE…if ya know what we mean!

Okay seriously this is fun! Forget Cards Against Humanity, surely this is about to become the new popular game at sleepovers EVERYWHERE!

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