Everyone knows that Jackie and Sophie Monk are really good friends and so we knew that they would have some seriously hilarious stories to tell about each other; a lot of which came up on air today when Jackie played a late night hotel room conversation that she’d had with Soph.

They discussed what we can expect to see on Love Island when it starts on 9GO this weekend, what Sophie really thought about the Bachelorette and whether she’s still looking for love.

But one of the most HILARIOUS things that came from the chat was when Jackie admitted that she’d accidentally left a voicemail message on Sophie’s phone while she was going to the TOILET!

Jackie explained that Sophie’s phone does this weird thing where you don’t realise it’s actually gone to voicemail. She’d been calling Sophie from the bathroom and well, before she knew it the beep on the voicemail had gone and Jackie started peeing!!

“So I was on the toilet as I was calling you and as it went beep wee started to come out and I went shit and tried to do the hang up button,” explained Jackie.


But what’s even funnier is that when Sophie heard the voicemail she deleted it immediately, not because she felt sorry for Jackie, but because she thought it was her DAD who had accidentally recorded it was disgusted!

“I thought it was my dad, that’s how long the wee was!”, said Sophie. “I was like oh delete, I don’t want to hear my dad weeing.”

This is too funny! Listen to the hilarious moment Jackie admitted to leaving a recording of her going to the loo on Sophie’s phone in the video above.

Have you ever had something this embarrassing happen while you were calling one of your besties?

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