Jack Vidgen may have made it all the way to the end of Australia’s Got Talent at the ripe age of 14, going on to win the whole thing, but he’s just missed out on that final performance on his latest talent show venture.

The Voice Australia’s semi finals took place last night as the artists fought for a place in Sunday night’s Grand Final.

While you couldn’t deny the talent of every single performer that took the stage, only four people could go through to fight for the title of The Voice 2019, meaning that a massive five artists would be sent home.

Jack Vidgen was sadly one of these artists who didn’t make it through with Australia’s vote.

He has had an emotional journey this season as part of team Guy Sebastian, revealing that he stopped singing after winning Australia’s Got Talent because he couldn’t handle all of the pressure.


But last night, after finding out that he just didn’t make it through to the Grand Final, Jack vowed to never stop using his voice and talent ever again in an emotional speech after host Sonia Kruger asked him what he would take away from this experience.

“This has just honestly been the most incredible experience of my life and it’s just been so healing and it’s just, there’s no words to describe it,” Jack said.

“And I just want to thank everyone, everyone, the whole team, Guy, all of you, just everyone. It’s honestly changed my life and I’m never going to stop singing ever again.”

The crowd cheered and Jack’s coach Guy Sebastian told him that he was incredibly proud of him after his performance of Calum Scott’s You Are The Reason.

Jack later took to Instagram to reiterate his message of gratefulness, saying that his “heart if full” and that he will see us all very soon.


Jack was joined by other stella artists, Chynna Taylor, Sheldon Riley, Mitch Paulsen and Lee Harding who were also voted out of The Voice last night.

This means that the four artists competing in Sunday Night’s Grand Final are Zeek Power, Daniel Shaw, Jordan Anthony and Diana Rouvas, leaving Guy Sebastian the only coach without a team member left.

The Voice Grand Final takes place on Sunday at 7PM on Channel Nine.

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