New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has once again proven what a boss lady she is by epically shutting down a television host who asked her a rather rude question on air.

The moment in question occurred on breakfast television show, The AM Show, over in New Zealand with the PM giving host Ryan Bridge a lesson in manners.

During the interview, Bridge asked Ardern if she had been colouring her hair because she was getting grey hair.

“Why are you dyeing it anyway? Is it going grey or something?” Mr Bridge asked.

Jacinda was visibly put off by the question, but quickly regained composure just in time to school the TV host and tell him to never ask anyone that question.


“Never… never… never… that’s not a polite question to ask anyone – I was about to say a lay – but anyone, actually,” she said with a rather awkward laugh.

Jacinda went on to say that she had had a “little touch up” while the host tried to save himself by adding that he only thought that might be the case because her job would likely cause a great deal of stress.

“No, it does, it does, I fully acknowledge that. Yep. Thank you for the reminder,” Jacinda replied.

The moment came after the Prime Minister’s fiancee Clarke Gayford tweeted that he had helped dye his partner’s hair over the weekend.


Good on Jacinda for handling the awkward question like an absolute pro! We honestly couldn’t love her more.

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