Sometimes scientists dedicate their time to saving the planet and sometimes they use their brainpower to help the rest of us out in the love department.


Researchers in the US have delved a little deeper into that age old question of what THE most attractive quality in a man is – minds out of the gutter, please – and it’s so much more basic than you think. 

Forget your eyes or your muscles or your pay packet; the one thing that’ll have the ladies falling at your feet is…

The ability to tell a story. Seriously.

During a study at the University of North Carolina and SUNY Buffalo, scientists read out descriptions of men and women to HUNDREDS of willing participants and, interestingly enough, men who described themselves as a “great storyteller” came out on top.


Apparently it all comes down to being perceived as more popular, of having a higher status and of being a better leader, as well as giving the impression of being able to gain resources. 

“Good storytellers may be more likely to influence others or to gain positions of authority in society,” the study explained.

Funnily enough, men weren’t so keen on women who described themselves as capable of spinning a good yarn.

May we suggest cracking open the Harry Potter series before you hit the club this weekend, then?

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