This week, debate has swirled regarding the age of Australian actress Rebel Wilson.

The Pitch Perfect 2 star has always claimed that she is 29 years old, but business records show that she is 35.

Thank you so much Pitches!!

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The records, filed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), reveal that Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson was born March 2, 1980.

Earlier this week, a former classmate of Wilson’s told Woman’s Day that the actress was misrepresenting her teen years and background.

“I studied with Rebel at Tara Anglican School for Girls in North Parramatta, Sydney,” the source said.


“But no-one knew of a Rebel Wilson. Her name is – or was – Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, and she’s 36.”

The actress has also claimed that she grew up in “the ghetto”, but the classmate begs to differ – Tara Anglican School has tuition fees of up to $25,000 a year, and Wilson reportedly grew up in a large house in the affluent north western suburb of Castle Hill.

Wilson has responded to the furore around her age in the best way she knows how – through humour.


Whatever age she is, what’s certain is that Wilson has been kicking real goals of late, with Pitch Perfect 2 already clocking over $100 million at the box office.

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