A contestant on The Bachelorette US got so drunk during the season 11 premiere that he was ejected from the show on the first night.

Ryan McDill, 28, hit the cans a little too hard and was soon branded the worst reality show contestant ever by viewers and social media users for his outrageous behaviour.

The contestant groped one of the Bachelorettes, fell into the pool, referred to women as “hoes” and, perhaps worst of all, made a rape joke on air.

When a fellow male contestant approached him and confronted him about his antics, McDill responded, “Why am I not raping you right now?”

He was eventually escorted out by host Chris Harrison.

McDill explained his antics in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying he went on the show “for the experience and everything”.


“I just started being entertaining and got way too drunk, started acting crazy, and it turned into gold,” he said.

Oh dear.

Don’t drink too much, kids.

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