This photo may look like a stunning photo of a bride and groom, but this image is actually quite sad.

The man in the photo is actually dying. According to CCTV, the unidentified man is a 28-year-old Beijing resident suffering from a terminal illness (reportedly cancer) wanted to experience an incredible, elegant, top-of-the-line wedding before he passed.

With that in mind, he sought the help of a very realistic inflatable sex doll to be his ‘bride’. He dressed her in a wedding gown and took part in a number of wedding-style photographs.

“Some netizens recently revealed that the man is actually suffering from a deadly cancer,” CCTV reported.

“In order not to hurt other people’s feelings, he chose to marry an artificial doll instead of a real person.”

The images have gone nuts on Chinese social media, but people are still sceptical as to whether the images are real, or just another cynical viral marketing campaign.



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