It”s happened.

The internet has found a new bizarre trend that’s taking hold, and it’s called “extreme phone pinching”.

To play, you just have to hold your precious smartphone over a dangerous location – a river, ravine, toilet bowl, pit of hot lava etc., and have someone take a photo of you doing it.

Sounds fun…? Although we can see how easily this could go wrong. Hope you have a spare iPhone up your sleeve!

The whole trend is inspired by this video by members of the musical pop duo Twenty One Pilots:

Here are some pics of people actually doing it…


Extreme phone pinching at the caves 👌😎 #extremephonepinching

A photo posted by Madelyn Azriel Dozer 💜 (@maddieazriel) on


our fav sport #extremephonepinching

A photo posted by k e l l y (@mychemicalkelly) on

H/T Mashable

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