Forget about a set of his-and-hers towels; an American couple have won the internet with the sweet, thoughtful wedding gift they finally got around to opening – NINE YEARS after their big day.

Kathy and Brandon Gunn were given the interesting pressie, which came with a great big notice warning them to “NOT open until first disagreement”, by Kathy’s great-aunt Alison, and tucked the box into a cupboard until they needed it.

“Now, there had obviously been plenty of disagreements, arguments and slammed doors throughout our nine years,” Kathy’s Facebook post reads. “There were even a couple of instances where we both considered giving up… but we never opened the box.

“I honestly think that we both avoided turning to the box, because it would have symbolised our failure. 

“To us, it would have meant that we didn’t have what it takes to make our marriage work – and we’re both too stubborn and determined for that.

“So, it forced us to reassess situations. Was it really time to open the box? What is this isn’t our worst fight? What if there’s a worse one ahead of us and we don’t have our box?!”

And so the gift sat, untouched, for close to a decade, until the couple were stumped for what to get their friends for their upcoming nuptials. 


“I thought back to our wedding day… and tried to recall the gifts that had meant the most to me,” Kathy continued. “The funny thing? The gift that meant the very most was still sitting in a closet… unopened.”

So Kathy and Brandon cracked into the box, only to find two, hand-written notes, two wine glasses, some cash and a bath oil set.

Kathy’s note instructed her to use her money to buy pizza and to run a bath; Brandon’s told him to go buy a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers.


While the original intention may have been to set the couple up with a relaxing date night, the consequences for the husband and wife were far wider-reaching.

“For nine years (and three moves) that box sat high on a shelf in various closets gathering dust, yet it somehow taught us about tolerance, understanding, compromise and patience.

“Our marriage strengthened as we became best friends, partners and teammates. 

“Today… I finally had a realisation. I realised that the tools for creating and maintaining a strong, healthy marriage were never within that box – they were within us.”

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