Today show host Karl Stefanovic has been reduced into fits of giggles after the show reported on a story about an eating challenge in the U.S.

Newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys was talking about the buffalo wing eating championship, during which Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut ate 188 chicken wings in just 12 minutes.

Karl, who was clearly amused by the story, was momentarily baffled by how many chickens it would take to make that many wings.

”188 wings. How many chickens is that?’ the co-host asked.


’89 or something?’ Karl said as he dissolved into a fit of laughter.

’90-something…. 94′, Sylvia confirmed.

‘Poor little chickens, what did you live for man? So my wings could go in a competition,’ Karl said.

Sports reporter Tim Gilbert then chimed in saying he would be able to give the champion eater ‘a run for his money’ as long as the wings came with ‘that blue cheese sauce.’

America has a National Buffalo Wing Festival in New York ver every Labour Day weekend.

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