It’s not often Grant Denyer is stuck for words but a contestant a recent episode of Family Feud may have just managed it.

The game show host was visibly stunned when Georgina Cimino, a player from Melbourne, came up with an answer that was a little unusual, to say the least.

When asked to name an event where animals compete, Georgina paused before tentatively trying “duck shooting”.

Her husband, who was also competing, immediately started laughing, as did the audience; Grant Denyer, on the other hand, took a step back while grasping for a response.

He eventually managed: “Imagine the ducks going ‘yeah wait until we get our guns, then you’ll be in trouble!'”

Georgina, like a total legend, took the whole thing in her stride and smiled through what may have been the worst – and funniest – answer Family Feud has ever heard.


She even took to the show’s Facebook page, writing “Not my finest answer Family Feud!” after her episode aired. 

Georgina Cimino, you keep doing you.

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