Season 5 of Riverdale was renewed back in January and everyone was super excited…but then the pandemic hit.

The Hollywood lights turned off, production was shutting down left, right and centre and Riverdale was no exception.

The show had to shut down with only a few episodes left to film to finish off Season 4 and fans were concerned that they would never get to see them!

But fear not, show writer Ted Sullivan tweeted that the unfinished episodes will air!

So Season 4 will end with episode 19 and Season 5 will begin with what WAS going to be episode 20-22.


So does that mean we’ll be getting extra episodes in Season 5? They’re not too sure just yet unfortunately.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait TOO long because Season 5 has started production already!

Series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa posted a photo with the cast on Instagram a week ago announcing filming has started in Vancouver.


If you’re a huge fan of the show… or of star of the show KJ Appa then I highly recommend following Roberto because he’s really out there posting stuff like this.

The first scene of season 5 looks VERY IMPORTANT.

Looks like we’re getting the new episodes in January 2021, but let’s hold a little prayer circle so that nothing hinders this date especially with rumours swirling that there could be a Sabrina crossover!


Also SPOILERS: Skeet Ulrich (Jughead’s dad) is not signing on for season 5, but I don’t trust the writers to not break my heart when they write his character off.

It’s going to be horrific, be prepared.


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