Cue rock ‘n’ roll music.

Zoe-Clare struts down the red carpet and we get a little introduction to her character, “I’m not going to stand for much…don’t interrupt me…don’t call me out.”

Immediately I know, she’s here to start drama but you know what, I was ready to love her!

Her reaction to Locky was literally so relatable.

“Oh my god, he is divine…you know like a devil’s chocolate cake? I’m gonna finish it tonight.”



Then she uttered the forbidden words…

“oh my god…daddy.”

Zoe-Clare! NO!! Don’t say that on national television!!

You lost me.

But hey, it made me laugh so I’m still team fiery red-head.


But then the cocktail party began and Zoe-Clare joined Laura in making fun of Rosemary for her adorable penguin outfit for literally NO REASON.

It’s 2020 and we don’t stand for girls who tear down other girls anymore.

You lost me again.

BUT THEN she makes the bold move to snag the second chat with Locky and honestly, I’m proud of her for her initiative!


She got me again.

Areeba interrupted her date (and is acting like an actual crazy person but that’s another article all together) and Zoe-Clare RIGHTFULLY was very put out.

It’s just the way Areeba did it, not even letting her finish up or say goodbye, I feel like Zoe was ALLOWED to have a little vent to the other girls about it.

Just a little one.

You still have me Zoe-Clare!

But it wasn’t a little one, she went off on a tangent…and BOY was it was a tangent.


Zoe seemed 1000% convinced that Areeba had launched a personal attack on her because she was a red head.

“I don’t want to go through this competition different because of the colour of my hair”, she says as she actually started crying.

I cannot believe the raving mad woman I just saw on my screen, it feels like it’s stemming from something deeper and more personal…

Zoe then confronts Areeba, like properly confronts her… gets right up in her face and just gets laughed at.

It was awful.

Also calling someone a mole as an insult… is actually so funny, can I start using that?


But Zoe, my sweet red headed angel, you are GORGEOUS exactly the way you are and not a single soul on that screen told you otherwise.

So unfortunately, you’ve lost me again…….for now?

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