You might have noticed a massive promo being played across our station this week that sounds like a mix between a disney movie and a big game show advertisement.

Basically the gist of it was teasing that we were going to make Kyle’s dream come true! And that dream was revealed on air this morning.

Now you might be thinking, hasn’t Kyle already achieved all of his dreams? Well it turns out that Intern Pete actually found something that Kyle hadn’t achieved yet but something that he had always wanted to do.

And in the most surprising news Pete actually managed to successfully make this dream come true!

Intern Pete revealed the surprise to Kyle live on air this morning, tell him that he was using it as a way to apologise for all of the trouble he’s caused over the years.

“I figured it was time to start a clean slate,” Intern Pete said.

“What on earth can you possibly do to me to make my dreams come true?” Kyle asked.


Well, we all know that Kyle’s entire world revolves around radio and being the King of the airwaves. Having already conquered Sydney and the whole of Australia in terms of the radio world, Kyle has always wanted to take the Kyle and Jackie O Show world wide.

And so what did Pete do? He managed to get billboards made up for the Kyle and Jackie O Show and plastered them across various locations over in America!

“I think you’re about to be pretty happy because I’m going to show you something on the screen,” Pete said.

“You’ve always wanted shiny billboards all across America. I give you shiny billboards, all across the United States of America.

“You’re on iHearRadio all across the US,” Pete continued. “You’ve always wanted billboards. These are literally taken today.”

And just like that Pete unveiled the billboards with Kyle and Jackie’s faces on them that read “Australia’s number 1 breakfast show”.


Kyle was so happy he was practically speechless! Check it out in the video above.

“Congratulations on all your success,” Intern Pete concluded.

And congratulations on finally doing something right Pete! Well done!

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