Once again we are being forced to apologise on behalf of Intern Pete.

Really it is our fault – we should know better than sending him out to exclusive celebrity events – but still.

If you’re wondering what happened this time, Pete went to John Travolta’s Q&A event at The Star last night, hosted by Melissa Doyle.

While the audience was packed, Pete was determined to get an exclusive from the Hollywood actor and as he was walking out of the auditorium, Pete did manage to say hi to John.

But of course, that wasn’t enough for Pete. He wanted a proper interview and so he decided to head to a restaurant where he heard that John was going after the event.


In full stealth mode of course, Intern Pete decided that he could not enter through the front door of the restaurant. Instead, he attempted to be inconspicuous and go in through a side door.

The result? The complete opposite of inconspicuous! Pete accidentally opened a fire exit and set of the loudest alarm imaginable.

Pete explained on air this morning that the entire wharf had to be evacuated as a result of his actions and John Travolta never showed up because of the evacuation!

“I may or may not have opened a door that I shouldn’t have opened and the entire wharf then got evacuated,” Pete told us rather sheepishly.

“The fire brigade came and then so basically I was dealing with a source at the unknown restaurant who let me know that John Travolta was coming, they said, ‘He’s not coming now the alarms gone off and everyone’s been evacuated’.”

“You ruined it for everyone!” Kyle laughed.


Yep, good one Pete.

Luckily some interesting things were discussed with John Travolta during the actual Q&A that Pete was able to tell us about.

During the event John revealed that it was actually him that managed to get Olivia Newton John cast as Sandy in Grease.

He also alluded to some sort of romantic relationship with Olivia, saying that if things had gone his way, he would have ended up MARRYING Olivia!

“We love each other deeply, and if things went the right way we would have been married,” he said. “What can you say, it was meant to be. I knew it before we even worked together. She was the one. She was the one that I wanted.”

Imagine that? Sandy and Danny married in real life?!


Hear what John Travolta had to say in the video above!