When Essena O’Neill came out and said that ‘social media is not real life’, everyone breathed a sign of relief.

We all do know that’s the case, but it can be hard to remember when people are flashing their perfect lives in everyone’s faces.

We aspire to be just like them, but as we’ve all come to remember, thanks to Essena, we’re not seeing the whole picture, just the parts that are fun and ‘glossy’.

But after deleting her social media accounts (well, most of them) and uploading videos of herself talking about how people on social media live a ‘fake life’, Essena O’Neill has gone from being an inspiration, to ridiculed.

She described how what she was doing on social media made her feel ‘fake’ and that ‘social media allowed me to profit off deluding people’.

Now, other Insta-stars have taken to their social media accounts, defending themselves and their online authenticity.

The premise of which acknowledges that their social media only shows a part of their lives, and that they have no concerns promoting products that they do believe in.


Gabrielle Epstein, Kurt Coleman and Jessica Grossman have weighed in on their own platforms, sticking up for social media.

Check out what they had to say…

MY VIEWS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media is whatever you make it. You have the power to choose whether it has a positive or negative impact on your life, and when you think it’s starting to become addictive, you alone have responsibility to switch off your phone and laptop and disengage from technology. Of course Instagram isn’t real life. Everyone, myself included, chooses the highlight reel of their life to present on social media – we all know that and it is all our choice to be a part of it. However, that doesn’t mean I have ever pretended to be someone that I am not on Instagram. Societies pressure to conform and be liked and accepted affects everyone at some stage of their life, and stems from a variety of factors – school, work, friendship groups, relationships and social media. However in all of these situations if you allow yourself to be pressured into presenting a false version of yourself that is a direct result of your own free will and intent. Part of growing up is taking responsibility for your actions and for any issues that are a direct result of your life decisions. I will always consider myself to be very grateful and humbled to be in a position to take advantage of the opportunity that Instagram has given me, but I want to be clear that my value of self worth has nothing to do with likes or comments. The belief I have in myself stems from a very loving and supporting circle of family and friends who instilled in me the ability to understand that self worth and happiness will never, and can never, be based on other people’s opinions or expectations of you – especially not the number of followers you have on Instagram. It’s important to acknowledge that I know not everyone will agree with my opinion and that’s totally fine! But choosing to use social media as a platform to tell people social media is a lie is hypocritical and contradicts the very same notion. Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions – the potential to create the life you wish to live is completely in each of our hands. #chooseyourreality For the full version, read the link in my bio✌🏼️✌🏼

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Source: Daily Mail

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