We all know that Khloe Kardashian has become a bit of a gym bunny of late. 


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If her shrinking waist and selfies in the gym don’t convince you, then her newest shoot for Complex magazine certainly will.

The stunner took part in a fitness-themed shoot where the reality star known for having a less than perfect relationship with her body showed off her perfect curves and trim physique with pride.


Recently, she showed off just how serious she was about getting fit, by letting us take a peek in side her walk-in wardrobe, which is a not a closet by regular standards – dedicated entirely to workout gear.


I see at least 100 pairs of sneakers, 200 leggings, at least 70 jackets and copious amounts of sweat bands, weights and boxing gloves – oh, and a FRIDGE full of coconut water!

You go Khloe!

Images via LA Closet Design

Source: Cosmopolitan

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