This is the best news ever!

Especially if you love the Backstreet Boys!

All five of the boys are working on new music, a whole new album is planned… there is another tour coming AND they are heading to Las Vegas.

Kevin Richardson told HollywoodLife ”The album is just now getting started, and then we hopefully will have it ready to come out in Spring.. Then going on your, everything.”

It will be a different kind of tour, as they all have families but they are not letting that get in the way of everything as AJ said ”we will bring our families out with us, around the US & in Europe! Absolutely.”

Bad news though, they will not be touring with the Spice Girls  as it ‘kind of fizzled out. From what I’ve heard, they want to do their own tour. God willing down the road it could happen, but as of right now, it’s not happening.”

For any Aussies heading over to Las Vegas next year, the boys will be there and they have a big announcement ”coming soon”.