Could it be? Ms Jenner is set to be a Mrs again?

Well, that’s certainly what it looked like as Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble took to the red carpet for the Brent Shapiro Foundations Summer Spectacular.

60-year-old Jenner and 35-year-old Gamble were spotted wearing matching diamond rings on their ring fingers.


The same rings they first showed off a year ago.

The difference? This time they made NO secret of flaunting them. Hollywood Life describes the pair as “flaunting their rings HARD.”

Wearing matching black outfits and silver watches, the couple purposefully put their rings front and center.

Kris posed with her hand on her waist, ring to the camera; Corey clasped his wrists, left hand on top, so his ring was visible, as well.

Could it be? Corey will be a grandfather to Kourtney’s three kids, Kim’s two and Rob’s daughter, at only 35!

Source: Hollywood Life

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