A Brazilian bodybuilder has gone to extreme measures to model his body after the Incredible Hulk.

Romario dos Santos Alves, 25, injected oil, painkillers and alcohol into his arms to more closely resemble the comic superhero, and the results were so extreme that at one point he was scheduled to have his arms amputated.

The married father of one told Getty that the procedure is addictive, but warned others against it due to his ongoing health concerns.

“The doctor told me that they wounded to amputate both arms – they said everything in there, all my muscles, were rock,” he said.

“I want other people to see the dangers. I could have died because I wanted bigger muscles. It’s just not worth it.”

Romario became obsessed with the injections after meeting fellow gym junkies, who introduced him to the drugs.


He even tricked his wife into injecting him with the oil in places he couldn’t reach, telling her that the drugs would leave his body after a while.

After learning the truth, she told him he’d have to pick between the drugs or her.

When Romario ended up in hospital, his biceps had swollen to 25 inches and he almost suffered kidney failure.

It’s now been two years since he last injected, and Romario admits he’s still tempted from time to time – but is now committed to staying clean as he builds his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Photos: Barcroft USA

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