A new start up business will offer women unlimited blow drys for $99 a month!

This is very exciting we know, unfortunately it is so far only happening in New York but fingers crossed in will hit Australia next!

Imagine never having a bad hair day again because you can just drop in for a quick appointment at a salon you have already paid for. 

Vive, is the answer to all of our hair woes. 

It’s quite simple, all you do is sign up for a subscription and then you can have as many blowouts as your want, every month. 

Founder, Alanna Gregory started her business after realising there were few places to get a last-minute, affordable blowouts in New York. 

Instead of splurging on a weekly salon visit — which rack up a hefty price tag — she wanted to create an affordable, reliable service for hair care.


Vive boasts partnering with the best salons in New York, as quality is very important to them. 

The service is due to launch next month. 

So basically we can expect some very good looking hair due to hit New York and let’s face it, we’re jealous! 

Source: Vive

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