Cassandra Thorburn is certainly making lemonade out of lemons!

After going through an incredibly high profile, public and pretty messy divorce with Today Show host Karl Stefanovic, Cass is now starting her own podcast all about coping with divorce.

It’s called Divorce Story: Surviving Separation and in the podcast Cassandra not only speaks about her own experience with divorce but she also speaks with other people about their stories and various experts.

The mum-of-three joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning to chat all about her podcast when of course we got to talking about her ex, Karl Stefanovic.

Kyle wanted to know what Cassandra’s relationship is like with Karl now that the dust has settled on their divorce and so much has happened since then.

Since their divorce, Karl has since remarried his longtime girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough and Jasmine is currently pregnant with their first child together.

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“What did you think when you saw that your ex is now having a baby with someone else? Was that a weird moment for you?” Kyle asked Cass this morning.

“What did I think?” Cass laughed.

“I thought, ‘I’m glad it’s not me’,” she added. “To be honest, that’s all I thought.”

Despite everything that’s happened since their break up though, Cassandra told us that there’s no hard feelings between her and Karl and told us that they’ve stayed on good terms for the sake of their family.

“Is there hard feelings there between you guys or are you in a different place now?” Kyle continued.


“No, he’s married. I’m living my life. It’s all good,” Cass told us.

“You know what, we still share three children and nothing’s ever going to change that.”

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Trailer of 12 episode series

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Cassandra and Karl share three kids, Jackson, River and Ava.

Cass also told us this morning that despite trying to put their kids first, her divorce was really hard for her children, as it is for all kids.

“Children go through it differently. My kids were older but you know it doesn’t take anything away from the fact it’s still hard,” she explained. “It’s hard for everybody.”


Cassandra’s new podcast Divorce Story: Surviving Separation is out now with a new episode weekly!

Hear more from our chat with Cassandra Thorburn in the podcast below!