It may LOOK like the celebrities bunking down in the African jungle are slumming it for six weeks, but Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown have revealed that they’re often allowed special concessions.

It all started with Shane Warne’s secret cigarettes during last year’s run and, Morris told News Corp Australia, it didn’t end there. 

“Somebody [last year] who had a scar on their face was allowed to wear a little bit of make-up but it looked to me like they had full make-up on every day, so that got me down,” the I’m A Celebrity host admitted. 

But Morris also agreed that there should be “a little bit of wriggle room” when it comes to convincing anyone to sign up to spend weeks on end in the jungle.

Plus, as Dr Chris points out, they still have to work with a bare-minimum diet, uncomfortable camp beds and, you know, eating half of the insects IN the jungle, so it’s not all cruisey.

Hmmm. We’ll be keeping our eyes on you this year, celebrities. 

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