Ikea is hosting a ‘Buy Back’ service to celebrate Black Friday which is an attempt to encourage up-cycling furniture instead of throwing it away to landfill.

The Ikea team members will evaluate your furniture and give you an estimate based on different factors.

If your furniture is not damaged, you’ll get a thumbs up and get a refund in the form of an IKEA voucher.

They’ll be re-selling all old furniture handed in, in an ‘As-Is’ section for what I assume will be a nicely discounted price!

From TOMORROW the 24th of November until 31st of December, you can receive double the value of your furniture but only if you’re an IKEA Family Member!

If you’re not a member, you just get your normal rates.

The cutest part of this whole thing?


Ikea will be selling the second-hand furniture under their previous owners names rather than the standard Nordic ones.

Eg) Jess trades in her shelving unit and someone will be buying the JESS SHELVING UNIT.




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