Five months after tweeting about his amazingly ‘’inspiring’ IKEA visit, Kanye West still wants to design furniture for the Swedish company and he won’t give up on it.

West told UK radio station BBC Radio 1 ‘’”I have to work with IKEA. Its furniture, with interior design, with architecture. ‘’ and specifically wants to work on ‘’a minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm.”

Don’t get too excited though just yet as CNBC has reported while IKEA is flattered by Kanye’s interest, they have “no plans to collaborate [with him] at this point in time.”

IKEA Australia has jokingly Facebook a mockup of the bed that appears to the bed from his ‘Famous’ music video and has named it ‘’YEEZY’’.

When asked about why he wants to work with IKEA, Kanye said it’s all about making “something that everyone can touch” and afford no matter what their “financial bracket” is.

He realises however that it probably won’t happen because of ‘’social prison he lives in.’’


I am still holding out hope for my Yeezy bed.