Iggy Azalea isn’t just known for her rapping skills. She’s also known for her crazy feuds with other celebs (Guy Sebastian, Azalea Banks, Nicki Minaj…Just to name a few).

But this latest feud has got to be her weirdest one yet…

Iggy is currently in a Twitter feud with none other than the cartoon character, Peppa pig. Yep, you read that correctly.

The feud, albeit a little tongue-in-cheek, started after Iggy realised that her new album In My Defense would be released on the same day as Peppa’s own album.

“It’s over for me now”, Iggy wrote on her Twitter account while sharing Peppa’s album announcement.


Peppa retaliated to the dig by referencing Iggy’s song Fancy, writing “Peppa’s of fancy, you already know,” alongside a GIF of the character checking herself out in the mirror while wearing a crown.

Iggy then threatened to turn Peppa into bacon if she didn’t agree to work with her saying, “Collab with me now or you’ll end up a breakfast special Peppa”.


While Peppa didn’t respond to the swipe, Iggy posted another Tweet this morning using a snippet from the kids show to advertise the video for her song ‘F*ck It Up’.

In the video, Peppa’s friends say, “We don’t like children’s music. No, no, no. What music are you into?”

“I like this! It’s very grown up,” Peppa responds before pressing play on Iggy’s track, which is DEFINITELY not kid friendly, and they all start dancing.

Iggy’s sophomore album ‘In My Denfense’ comes out today (July 19) and featured previously released singles ‘Sally Walker’ and ‘Started’.


Peppa Pig on the other hand is releasing her debut album today featuring songs like ‘Bing Bong Zoo’, ‘Jumping in Muddy Puddles’ and ‘Big Balloon’.

We don’t think you have to worry here Iggy… We reckon these albums are going to attract VERY different demographics.

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