Beanie Babies were the best thing ever.

You could get them for free in Macca’s or pester your parents to buy them for you at every opportunity.

However, there has been heaps of them, and some of them are way-way rarer than others.

And they are worth some serious coin.

If you have one of these and don’t want it… trade it now for serious dollars.

Princess Diana Purple Bear


It’s worth $75,000!

Curly Bear Original Beanie Baby

Now worth a cool $24,500!

Valentino Beanie Bear


He’s fetching a lovely $19,000.

Peace Bear

Peace out guys, he’s worth $5,000

Millennium Mint Bear

Hows this.. there’s an error in the design, so now he is worth $38,000.


Now we just need to get Dad to find them in the garage…

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