Getting your period can be a pretty big deal for any adolescent girl.

There’s the build up and the comparisons between friends over who has gotten it and who is still waiting.

And for late bloomers in this area it can sometimes be really isolating to feel like you’re the only chick in your year who HASN’T gotten her period.

However it tuns out the later you get your period in life is actually a very good thing, and here’s why…

The age you were when you got your FIRST period and the age you’ll be when you get your LAST makes a massive difference to your health.

Who knew?!


A new study by researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine kept track of 16,000 women over 21 years and they discovered that women who get their periods at 12 or older and experience menopause at 50 or older are more likely to live until they are 90.

Also if you got your period after age 12 you’ll be less likely to deal with a list of health issues, including coronary heart disease and diabetes, SCORE!

So playing that waiting game all those years ago was actually worth it.

Source Cosmo

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