26-year-old blogger Sam Huang has taken advantage of credit cards and loopholes in airline policies to score a dream round the world flight at the cost of a flight from Sydney to Melbourne. 

Huang paid a mere $300 for a flight that would normally cost about $60,000. 

The 21,136 mile trip was documented on his TopMiles site and took him to seven countries and 11 cities all on Emirates. 

Huang made this trip possible by signing up for credit cards from Bank of America, which is a Mileage Plan partner with Dubai-based premium airline Emirates. 

Shortly after, Huang discovered an Alaska Airlines loophole, saying “It took me at least a year to figure out how everything works”. 


The keen traveller then racked up 100,000 miles and booked his globetrotting ticket. 

Huang said Routing rules essentially prevent passengers”from doing a crazy, round-the-world” trip when booking a flight ticket. The airline’s computers have since added them. 

Additionally, another option is for passengers to “nest” a layover, adding a stop in a city en route to the final destination. As long as the stop does not exceed 24 hours, that’s possible too! 

“So I just started typing different city combinations … I nested a lot of 24-hour layovers – but [in the computer] it looks like Singapore to New York” 

The first class seats were a combination of luck and another loophole. 


The perks of flying first class included glasses of champagne and cognac, automated doors, multicourse meals and on board showers. 

This story originally appeared in The New York Post

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