The man known as the “Human Ken Doll” has sworn off plastic surgery  – because his entire face was nearly DESTROYED after his last nose job.

Rodrigo Alves has had 43 operations in his quest for doll-like perfection, but developed a flesh-eating disease called necrosis when his body rejected his sixth nose job.

Alves – who has spent more than $590,000 on the surgeries – had to have a seventh rhinoplasty to repair the damage, but says that it’s his last.

Kind of.

“I’ve decided to make most of the treatments that do not involve surgery, and I would only have another plastic surgery again if it was for emergency medical reasons,” he said.

“But I’ve not stopped having aesthetic treatments. There are so many non-invasive treatments on the market that can replace surgery.

“I’m not giving up on trying to stop the natural ageing process.”


The 33-year-old Brazilian was holidaying in Spain in April of this year when he noticed a hole developing on the side of his nose; doctors warned him that unless he went under the knife then and there, the flesh would turn gangrenous and he would have to have the whole thing removed.

“I’m due to have more hair implants soon, and I’ve had an injection of stem cells in my blood and the latest Lipoglaze fat-freezing technology on my thighs, hips and waist,” Alves continued.

“This really bothers me, even after having liposuction there is something that I need contouring… I don’t exercise whatsoever so I’ve got to have some clinical help to reduce the fat in these areas.

“I just don’t want to put myself through aggressive treatments anymore.”


Watch this space. 

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