Dieter Laser’s face is and always will be imprinted in our minds, leaving a horrifyingly shocking impression in his role as sadistic doctor Josef Heiter in The Human Centipede Trilogy.

A cult classic, his legacy will live on in our nightmares and his performance will be remembered as nothing short of COMMITTED.

He died almost 2 months ago quietly without the world’s knowledge. 

Only a post on his official Facebook page was made to spread the word. 

Translated, it reads “We are very sorry to have to inform you that Dieter Laser Passed away on February 29th, 2020”. 

Tom Six, Director of The Human Centipede Trilogy passed his thoughts and memories of Laser.


“I’m so damn proud we created pop culture together..”, Six wrote in his tweet. 

We’re two months too late but RIP Dieter, you’re an icon forever!

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