Whether you’re a fan of hers after X Factor or not, you have to feel for Iggy Azalea.

After allegedly being cheated on by her ex fiancé Nick Young, photos emerged of Iggy and French Montana getting VERY close on the side of the boat on holiday.

Since then the stars have remained pretty tight-lipped about the budding romance, but a video from TMZ shows the camera crew talking to Iggy and a guy they don’t recognise, which is actually French Montana’s brother, Zack Kharbouch.

They ask him, ‘are you guys on a date?’ To which he replies, ‘yeah, a family date.’

The cameraman then asks, ‘are you related to Iggy?’

To which Kharbouch replies, ‘soon to be’. Oh MAN!!


Now everyone thinks they’re engaged! If it’s true, congratulations!

Though, I don’t know why he’d say it if it wasn’t true!

Source: TMZ

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