Technology has become such a pivotal part of our daily lives. 

But having a mobile phone handy has long surpassed merely being reachable 24-7. 

Now phones double up as a camera, game centre, news source, entertainment tool, networking feature… 

No wonder we spend so much time staring at the small screens!

But what is this doing to our health?

While we’ve heard time and time again that screen time close to bed prevents us from getting our beauty sleep, our dependence on phones is ageing us in plenty of other ways – some you may not even be aware of. 


Termed ‘Tech Face’, this may make you second guess staring at your phone all day long. 

According to the Daily Mail the average person now checks their phone 85 times per day, staring at the device for five whole hours. 

So what are the tell tale signs? 

Crows Feet and Frown Lines / Vision Problems

This one is a little obvious but the strain looking at a screen all day causes on your eyes can lead to visible problems like crows feet and wrinkles between your eyes. 

We can deal with the odd wrinkle popping with age but making the lines more pronounced through phone use isn’t ideal. 


Staring at a phone all day (not to mention a computer / tablet / tv) can also lead to tired eyes and strain. 

Glenn Carp, an Ophthalmic Surgeon at the London Vision Clinic told the Daily Mail that increased screen time can even affect your eyesight long term. 

“Most of us are already aware that sitting at your computer screen all day can be detrimental to your vision. You are encouraged to take regular breaks from working at your desk,” he said. 

“However, with the prevalence of smart phones having saturated the mobile industry, most of these breaks tend to be concentrated on our phone- checking personal emails or the latest tweet – and not allowing us to truly break the cycle.

“When we use our near vision in this way for long periods of time, we only blink for around four to seven times per minute.


“Our usual rate of blinking is more like 18 to 20 times per minute, so this is a significant reduction- it can cause symptoms such as dry eyes and blurred vision.

“Taking regular breaks away from any screen, drinking plenty of water and making sure you blink regularly should help to avoid these symptoms.”

Tech Neck and or a Tense Jaw

Using your phone certainly doesn’t promote good posture. 

So when we stare down at our phone for up to five hours every single day, of course it is going to impact the way we sit and the muscles in our back and neck. 

But have you thought about how staring at your mobile also affects the skin on your neck? 


Your decolletage is often a tell tale sign of ageing – but staring at our phones can create even more lines and permanent wrinkles in the area too!

The skin in that area is thinner than the rest of your body and therefore more fragile. 

How to fix it? 

Regular breaks from technology, using a firming cream and making sure you stretch out the muscles in your neck and shoulders regularly. 



Who knows what kind of germs are on our phones…

They join us on trips to the bathroom (and then there are those unfortunate souls who have had to scoop a phone out of the toilet bowl!), accompany us while we eat lunch or dinner and are beside us in bed. 

So it’s no wonder when we then put these devices up to our face on a regular basis, or continuously touch them while going about our daily business, they leave a trail of germs. 

This escalates when you talk on the phone for an extended period of time where the device heats up, your face and hands sweat and it all gets trapped in your pores. 

Alcohol wipes are a must! 


Plus regularly washing your face, hands and skin to stop the spread of bacteria. 

Dark Spots

Blue light is emitted by the devices we use. 

And while it affects sleep, but there are also concerns it may affect our skin similar to UV rays. 

Blue light travel in a similar way to UV rays using a comparable wavelength. 

Another reason to wear sunscreen daily! 


Putting the phone away… 

H/T: Daily Mail 



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