Those listening to the show this morning would have heard a pretty emotional phone call that we received from one of our dedicated listeners, Anne.

She told Kyle and Jackie that she needed our help to spread word about a certain GoFundMe page that she had set up for her brother and when we heard her story we were more than happy to help her out.

Anne’s brother Mark is just 24-years-old but he is confined to a wheel chair as he suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, which is a terrible disease weakens and breaks down the skeletal muscles over time.

Unfortunately, Anne’s family haven’t been able to afford a vehicle that is wheel chair friendly and so they are trying to raise funds to purchase a car that will allow them to comfortably and safely transport Mark.

If you wish to donate to Anne’s family you can do so here.


Watch the video above to listen to the seriously heartbreaking story.

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