In Sydney, public transport can cost you almost as much as filling up your car and driving to work.

However, people have come up with an ingenious way to cheat the system – and save big dollars each week!

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, each Monday Opal Card users can be seen walking, jogging and cycling between two light rail stations. A loophole that can save you more than a hundred dollars a month.

So, how does it work?

People are taking advantage of the public transport fare structure by ‘maxing out’ their Opal cards on Monday morning by tapping on and off at light rail stops between two close points, but never boarding.

This works, because commuters travel for free on an Opal card after completing eight journeys in a week. The aim is to ensure those eight journeys are both short and cheap rather than expensive train journeys and long bus trips.

And the two light rail stops at Pyrmont Bay and The Star, which are about 200 metres apart, are a perfect spot to accrue cheap $2.10 journeys, or $1.05 journeys for students.


“It’s a well-known thing to get your weekly Opal pass for $15 only,” Arty Zakharov told the Sydney Morning Herald. “You tap on, tap off, and rinse, repeat,” said Mr Zakharov.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that between 11am and 12.15pm on Monday, Fairfax Media counted more than 150 instances of people tapping the Opal reader at Pyrmont Bay then walking away from the stop, clearly with no intention of catching a tram.

“Customers are welcome to use public transport as often as they want or need,” said a spokesman for Transport for NSW.

“It would be a difficult and time-consuming task to max out your Opal card by walking or jogging between The Star and Pyrmont Bay light rail stops and the average customer would find it completely unnecessary,” the spokesman said.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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